Shop Tax Free when in Russia for the 2018 World Cup

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Russia is starting a "pilot" tax-free shopping program, for now limited to the cities that will host the World Cup 2018 and a couple of others. The country-wide tax free shopping program is expected by the end of this year.

The pilot program's start date was announced as April 10th 2018.

Who is eligible for Tax Free Shopping?

Visitors from countries that are not members of the Eurasian Economic Union (if you never heard of it - your country probably is not a member. You can find details here) can get the Russian VAT refunded.

Minimum purchase amount:

10000 RUB

How to Shop Tax Free

Not every store will be a part of this program, only those that are partners with a tax-free shopping processing service, such as Global Blue - read their instruction on how to shop tax free. There were selected more than 60 stores across all of the the participating cities, mostly large retailers and malls.

Complete details are not yet clear, check back later for the update.



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