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Soccer Fan Violence in Canada

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The State of Soccer Fan Violence in Canada

Once upon a time, there was a teenage boy named Bob, and Bob asked his mom if they could go to a soccer game in honour of his birthday next week.

Feeling a little concerned Bob’s mother responded, "You know honey that sounds great but I think we should do something a little less violent. I heard there is supposed to be a wrestling match this Saturday! How about we do that instead?

I know what you guys are thinking...

Football hooliganism in the UK

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The State Of Football Hooliganism in the UK

By examining the English Football official figures, it might seem that hooliganism in the UK is a vanishing problem. To prevent football violence, the stadia are safe, and they provide the necessary facilities. The football fans’ violence rarely takes place in the stadia. However, some hooliganism does take place even now, but on a limited scale.