Why I recommend buying Travel Insurance

* Is Travel Insurance Worth it?

* Why do I need Travel Insurance when going for 2018 World Cup in Russia?


World Cup Russia Get Travel Insurance

The first time I bought Travel Insurance (from Travel Guard) was when my wife and I were preparing for our honeymoon trip to Greece. I consider Greece a nice and safe country - and I still bought the insurance. Why? To have one less thing to worry about (many things, in fact). Also, the Greeks would not issue me the visa without a travel insurance at that time - but that is another story :-)


Is Travel Insurance Worth it?

Alongside all the fun and excitement of traveling comes a great deal of risk which can be transferred to a travel insurance provider. You might feel travel insurance is unnecessary because you have a lot of cash or you’re gentle and easy going, but take nothing away from the unpredictability of nature; you never can tell what will happen.


Get More for Less.

For as little as $100, you can get a travel insurance policy that covers a trip of over $1500, and you’ll be amazed at the benefits included in that small amount - get a quote here;

Read up and if something is not clear - ask me a question (put in in the comments below), I will do my best to help.

One of the benefits that I’m most excited about is “trip cancellation protection”. I tried to use Expedia’s “trip protection option” once, paid about $35 for it - but when I had to cancel that trip, it was basically impossible to recover the cost of the airfare due to one unexpected “hidden requirement” after another. We ended up losing the money.

Here at Travel Guard the Cancellation policy is much broader and better defined - in hindsight if I had that trip insured with the TG I would’ve recovered everything.


More than just Medical

Travel Insurance will help you with almost any medical emergency that you can encounter during your trip. But - it covers more than just injury treatments - think about the most common or less delicate thing that could happen, something like baggage loss, stolen backpack or travel delay.

The event you were going to attend was canceled, or something came up at work - the insurance policy still got you covered.

For emergency evacuations, the government of your host country might arrange for you to be moved out. However, it would be an additional expense - after you are finally out of the harm’s way and home and want to relax - you start getting those astronomical bills from your government (this varies by the country - check with your country’s authorities). That is one more reason why you should get travel insurance.

Easy to Buy and Use.

Buying travel insurance is not rocket science and using it isn’t one either; it is stress-free and relatively quick. After comparing the plans, all you need to know is your travel information and payment details.

If something is still unclear - ask a question below, I’ll find the answer for you.


Why do I need Travel Insurance when going for 2018 World Cup in Russia?

Oh, where do I start… I was born and raised in Russia, I moved to the US almost 20 years ago and when I am travelling there to visit with my friends and relatives I always try to set up as many safeguards for my trip as I can. You should do the same :-)


No Emergency, Extra Cost

It is safe to say that Russian healthcare workers will be on hand to attend to medical cases during this period. However, you wouldn't make the cut for free treatment if your injuries aren’t severe or qualified as an emergency. Hence, you should put that trust of keeping you safe in different hands and allow your travel insurance to take care of that.


Political Instability

During the last 6 months, we have seen many political events that caused certain major Western countries to reconsider their participation in the event and some incidents nearly jeopardized the World Cup happening at all.  Insurance would help you recoup your expenses if countries you wanted to watch compete boycotted the tournament or the entire World Cup were suddenly canceled.


Short-staffed Embassy

Similar to a Soviet decree in 1986, the US State Department was recently ordered to reduce its staff in Russia. This means that diplomats and service workers at the US embassy are limited and cannot cater to you if something were to happen. Overall Russia has recently expelled diplomats from 23 Western counties. Traveling to Russia for the World Cup is definitely at your risk, why not insure that risk? Put your mind at rest and enjoy the best experience the world cup has to offer you in Russia.


Round Two of the Euro 2016 Fracas

The Russian hooligans caused quite a scene during the Euro 2016 tournament back in Marseille, France. They had a clash with the English fans and several individuals were injured during that tournament.

Now - I firmly believe that Russian authorities will keep all the hooligans under control, but... tension is already building around the early days before the competition.  Some fans are already putting on printed shirts for pictures and social media clips to show they're ready for the fight.

You can never tell when and where clashes will occur, but you can ensure you come out on the right side by getting travel insurance that will make your stay worthwhile and less risky.

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