Resources and things I like and recommend

Welcome to my personal Hall Of Fame for tools, websites and approaches I found helpful for building this website, running my business and/or solving everyday problems big and small.

I personally tested every single item on this page and like them enough to recommend to my friends - and my readers as well. 


An important message:

Some of the links here are affiliate links, which means - if you click on the link, like the thing and choose to make a purchase, I will (hopefully) earn a commission. This commission will not increase the cost you pay in any way. Also - the commission is not the reason I recommend stuff, I promise you - I do include free alternatives as often as possible (if they are worthy of inclusion) - it often takes a long time finding good things via trial and error, and if I can help somebody not to waste their time walking the same path - I feel good about it. And if I can make a couple of bucks while helping others - I feel even better.

Please don't spend your money on anything I recommend unless you feel these products/things will help you and make your life better.

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