Terms Of Use


The Prelude

World Cup Central.com (WCC, The Site) is maintained by Oleg Ivanov and his friends and colleagues (us, we). You, a visitor to The Site, we will refer to as “you”, “dude!” or sometimes "not cool, dude..." (if you're being bad). Note - we use "dude" for all genders. 

This Terms of Use Agreement (“ToU”) is our contract with you, even though you didn't sign nothing yet. ToS outlines our relationship and possible consequences thereof.

Stuff You Should Not Be Doing

Don’t Spam.
Don't attempt to sell anything here until we say that we're cool with that.
Don't attempt to hack us, hacking is bad.
Don’t give us no germs - we mean viruses.
Don’t post stupid or useless comments anywhere on the site - go somewhere else with that crap (we do like smart and helpful comments tho - do post them!).
Don’t unleash bad robots on us. That means - auto posters, spun content spewers and other evil little cybernetic organisms that produce unintelligible gibberish they call "AI generated content, better than human". Not cool, dude.
No discrimination, fraud, hate, or acting like an idiot.  We’ll ban you.
Don’t post things that are illegal or you don’t have permission for.
Don’t do other things that we don’t like (we'll be the judge).

If you break our rules - we can ban you, report on you to any and all authorities, deploy lawyers on you and other nice things. If we overlooked one idiot and fail to enforce against them immediately - it is not a permission for others to engage in the same or different types of idiotic behavior.

Intellectual Property

Be good. We know some good lawyers. While everything here is for public use and enjoinment, we are protected by all kinds of laws. Don't forget to ask permission and provede attribution.


If we allow you post your content on The Site - you are responsible for it. But you also give us the right to use it however we desire. If you post something and that caused some bad stuff to us - you agree to pay for all the damage, whatever that might be - legal bills, construction costs, livestock upkeep expenses - the whole nine yards. 


Got beef with us? Put it on the table. If something seems to be a problem - first tell us what the problem is. And we will talk about it. But if neither of us is happy - we'll go to court. The Court must be in Virginia, United States of America (that's where OI lives for now - if that changes we'll update this ToU). The winner of any dispute or lawsuit will get their attorneys' fees and all costs paid by the losing party.

Third Party Sharing

The Site may have links to third party websites such as YouTube, Facebook and so on. We don't have control over them, nor we have responsibility over their content. You will have to take up any problems that you have with those sites with their respective owners. 

Important Stuff

We can't guarantee that you will like our site. All the content provided here is for information only without any guarantee for it to be useful, 100% accurate, profitable, or amusing. We do try our best tho.

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