Football hooliganism in the UK

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I commissioned this article in 2017, the author wanted to remain anonymous. According to him he was from Manchester, England 

The State Of Football Hooliganism in the UK

By examining the English Football official figures, it might seem that hooliganism in the UK is a vanishing problem. To prevent football violence, the stadia are safe, and they provide the necessary facilities. The football fans’ violence rarely takes place in the stadia. However, some hooliganism does take place even now, but on a limited scale.


Nonetheless, the hooliganism culture still resonates in the media. Films, books, TV series, and fashion have advanced it into a cultural industry. For instance, when you search for ’hooligan’ books in Amazon you obtain about 25 results. In these results, you will find that each football club has a hooligan. They tell tales of battles with their competing supporters and clashes with the law.


On some match days, you can clearly notice the hooliganism dressing style of some fans. The Burberry caps, Adidas trainers, and the Oldschool Stone Island jumpers of the 1980s are the most conspicuous.


The aftermaths of 2016 scandal hooliganism between British and Russian fans


The wildness and harshness of the Russian attacks were not a surprise to the police intelligence. Some European countries and Russia are known to be hooligans. The British police officers were astonished to learn of the fierceness of fans wielding metal poles in Ukraine for the 2012 European Championship.


About ten men were arrested in France over the violence between the Russian and English football supporters in Marseille. The prosecutors said that well-trained Russian hooligans were able to escape arrests.


The Executive Board of UEFA warned that both Russia and England could be banned from the tournament if the violence in Marseille is repeated. The supporters from both sides were also asked to obey the rules or face the consequences. UEFA also acknowledged that there were security faults in the stadium and changes should be made.


Following the incident in Marseille, the British government offered to send more police officers to France. Also due to the violence in France, the French city of Lyon banned alcohol sales to football supporters in the subsequent matches. Three people were expelled from France. Another group of five people were designated as a public threat - the ministry of interior said they were banned from entering the country. Clearly, this begs the question: Is it safe to go to Russia for WC2018?


Hooliganism in Manchester City


Manchester City is one of the many clubs in the UK with a problem of vandalism. Some die hard supporters believe hooliganism is the way they remember Manchester City. However, it is a different story today in the Manchester City Football Club. The fans are one of the most cultured and laid back supporters in the country. One could argue that the Club players’ lacklustre performance over the recent years is responsible for the laid back nature of the supporters. In the Manuel Pellegrini era, the players could often at times appear to be having a stroll while on the pitch. Arguably, this low energy gesture transcended to the supporters, who are now a far cry from their hooligan days.


Why do football fans fight?


Are you wondering why football fans fight? It is a bitter truth to say that football clubs are businesses. Blaming the fans for violence is easy. Some football clubs sideline their fans while claiming that they are the foundation of the club. They do not care about the wishes and demands of the supporters who spend thousands of pounds to pay for season tickets and other club merchandise. However, it is fair to say that football is a beautiful and emotional sport; passionate supporters can easily get lost in their love for the game and display their emotions in a violent manner especially if their team is not performing as expected.


Sentiments of the UK fans towards the World Cup 2018 in Russia    


The football hooligans from the UK will be travelling to the World Cup and have promised to settle the scores with the Russian fans at the World Cup 2018 hosted by Russia. They are planning to form a super-fan club of hooligans to sweep Russia by erupting chaos. However, this is highly unlikely as the police, stadia security will be aware of such plans, and measures will be put in place to protect fans and prevent any outbreak of violence.


The fans are planning to join forces to payback when the World Cup comes next month. Soccer fan violence during World Cup is common nowadays as it happened in Brazil. One Arsenal fan was heard saying that England needs to prepare for revenge since Russians hooligans got them off-guard. A Liverpool fan added that the videos and pictures from the hooliganism in France would instigate the English hooligans who will go for the World Cup 2018.

Disclaimer: I commissioned this article in 2017 from a guy who claimed to be from Manchester. Ha wanted to remain anonymous - O.I. 

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