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The Truth About What English Football Fans Are Really Thinking Ahead Of World Cup 2018 In Russia

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As an England fan for many years, I’ve been to many different parts of the world, following the boys in white. I’ve been to pretty much every country in Europe for qualifiers, friendlies and I’ve even had the pleasure of being at a tournament or two.  

Australian Football Fans' Sentiment Towards The 2018 World Cup in Russia

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There is no denying that Australians love their football, or soccer, as they like to call it. However, the FIFA World Cup which is being held from the 14 June 2018 to the 15 July 2018 in Russia is drawing more than its fair share of controversy. And this time it has nothing to do with the fans, the players or even the sport in general.

Is Traveling To Russia Less Safe Today Than It Was A Month Ago?

U.S. State Department advisory hasn't changed since January

As of today the State Department hasn't changed its advisory, it stays at Level 3 - "Reconsider Travel" - due to terrorism and harassment. 

Is it serious? Yes it is. Are the risks legitimate? Yes they are. Are they new? No they are not.

Is the State Department worried that it won't be able to assist to Americans visiting Russia after the Russians expelled 60 US diplomats? If yes - not enough to change their Advisory after that.

Soccer Fan Violence in Canada

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The State of Soccer Fan Violence in Canada

Once upon a time, there was a teenage boy named Bob, and Bob asked his mom if they could go to a soccer game in honour of his birthday next week.

Feeling a little concerned Bob’s mother responded, "You know honey that sounds great but I think we should do something a little less violent. I heard there is supposed to be a wrestling match this Saturday! How about we do that instead?

I know what you guys are thinking...

Football hooliganism in the UK

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The State Of Football Hooliganism in the UK

By examining the English Football official figures, it might seem that hooliganism in the UK is a vanishing problem. To prevent football violence, the stadia are safe, and they provide the necessary facilities. The football fans’ violence rarely takes place in the stadia. However, some hooliganism does take place even now, but on a limited scale.