World Cup News Buzz - Week One

Mom I'm Fine

A Mexico fan notified his mom that he is OK

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While the World Cup 2018 is awesome, unfortunate episodes happen, as always:

A cab hit several pedestrians in Moscow, 8 people got injured, 2 of which were Mexico fans - all were provided medical care of varying degrees. I didn’t find any reports of life threatening injuries, thankfully. Nonetheless - I can’t stress enough - Travel Insurance is a must when going to big public events like this!
  The cab driver claimed he fell asleep since he’s been driving for almost 20 hours without a break - and when he woke up he pushed the gas pedal instead of the brakes. The authority detained the driver and officially charged him with several driving violations.


In Moscow, a China fan was robbed of money and valuables for 1 million rubles ($1 is about 64 rubles). The victim says his backpack with 2 football tickets, various electronics devices and some cash was stolen in a cafe.


In St. Petersburg, pickpockets robbed a Morocco fan

An England fan was mugged in Moscow while a French gay man was injured in St. Petersburg
  According to Metro (UK) , in Moscow five local hooligans beat and robbed the English fan. The victim was said to be drunk and doesn’t remember much.
  The Frenchman suffered head and brain injuries and a jaw fracture during a ‘homophobic’ attack, the OperSlil Telegram channel reported. The attackers were arrested by the authorities

A visitor from Peru was arrested on the Red Square for pickpocketing.
According to the police - "our guest from Peru isn’t complaining about the conditions of detention and is quite satisfied with the food. The woman also said that she did not resist detention, and confirmed that the police officers conducted themselves professionally. "
She’s facing charges up to 5 years in prison and a fine up to 200,000 Rubles

A fan from Saudi Arabia took a cab ride for 30,000 rubles
  A Saudi Arabia fan came to the police complaining that he was charged 10 times more than he agreed to - by a cab driver using what appears to be a rigged meter

In Saransk, a Peru fan was hit by a car while jaywalking. No serious injury was reported.


In Moscow, a fan from Nigeria - while supposedly being drunk - fell from a second floor and sustained some foot injuries. 

A former player of the England national team Terry Butcher refused to pay for ketchup in a Moscow restaurant.

  Former England footballer Terry Butcher got into a disagreement with the staff of one of the Moscow restaurants.

"I ordered French fries and asked for ketchup, which they brought. … Everything was delicious, I really liked it, and then they brought me the check. I asked about one of the items on the check, and they told me what kind of ketchup! I said, "No, no, no, you cannot charge me for ketchup." And the waitress answered: "Yes, we can." Then she called the manager who said that ketchup really costs two or three pounds. For me money was not important, but the principles. I told them that it is impossible to demand payment for something that is not on the menu, because I do not know the price. It was a big argument, and my mood was going sour by the minute. Eventually, they removed the ketchup from my check and admitted that it was not on the menu. So I was happy. I won.”

To all who are in Russia: do not ask to bring ketchup, because you’ll have to pay for it. Just buy a bottle, put it in your pocket and pour it on the plate when it's needed, " - that is Butcher’s exact words.

Source: Daily Express -butcher-otkazalsja-platit-za-ketchup-v-moskovskom-restorane.html


Swiss fans accidentally ended up in a war zone (Donbass) instead of a World Cup’s city Rostov-on-Don,  and almost reached the front line

According to eyewitnesses, a group of Switzerland fans were headed to Rostov-on-Don to attend a game with their national team against Brazil, but due to their GPS navigator’s mistake  got into the war zone. The mistake was corrected with a help of the locals, the tourists safely arrived to their actual destination.

http: //www.rostov.


A Portugal fan came to the World Cup 2018 by bike.

Football fan from Portugal Elder Batishta made his way to Russia, where the 2018 World Cup is held, on a bicycle, according to the "Soviet Sport".
"Moscow ... So I came," he wrote on Monday in Russian on the page in facebook Rumo à Rússia 2018.
The final destination of the Portuguese was the village of Kratovo in the Moscow region, where the base of the "team of favorites" is located. Batista has travelled about 4700 km.
It is noted that Batishta, who serves in the mayor's office of the municipality of Alenker, wants to raise money for the Portuguese association that helps children with cancer. shtml


FIFA opened a case against Mexico fans about "homophobic screams" during the World Cup 2018

According to Reuters, the fans of the Mexican national team were noted by the screams of homophobic content against the German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. The International Football Federation (FIFA) opened a disciplinary case.


Two England fans were taken off a train and charged by the authorities. They were drunk, refused to obey the police and even allegedly tried to disarm an officer. They are now facing various fines and up to 15 days of jail time.

A Morocco fan payed 300 euros instead of 300 rubles for fast food (300 rubles are close to 4.5 Euros). It is not clear from the reports whether the cashier was charged with theft. (I hope she was.)

There were various reports that dishonest merchants and cab drivers overcharge the tourists by presenting prices denoted in rubles (RUB) but claiming they are in euros (EURO) - those things are differ by 1:70! Pay attention - by law all the prices in Russia must be always in rubles, it is illegal for a cab driver to have his meter in any other currency.

The most vivid and unusual images of fans are in the gallery TASS.

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